Month: <span>April 2016</span>

Wallets, where do they belong?

Wallets, where do they belong?

Come on guys, this one should be easy.  But I am constantly amazed at how many of my patients lay down on my table with a 2 inch “butt lift” in their back pocket!  I mean really?  How many of you would walk around with a 2 inch lift under only your right shoe and not your left?  It doesn’t make sense.  So why would you sit on a 2 inch wallet on one side of your pelvis?  Take your wallet out of your back pocket!  Get a thin wallet and put it in your front pocket.  Or take it out and put your wallet with your phone or keys when you sit at your desk or sit in your car.  Never add uneven stress to your spine when you don’t have to.

Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!

Dr. Jim

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