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Nerves…what do they really do?

Nerves…what do they really do?

So we have all heard people say they have a “pinched nerve”, but what does that mean and what do your nerves really do for you?

A lot!!!!  Your nerves are the “communication highway” between your brain and every other part of your body. We all know how frustrating it is when you pick up your cell phone and can’t get service…well imagine how your brain feels when it can’t get a good “signal” from your liver! Imagine if every time you sit at your desk with poor posture, you irritate the nerves in your lower back and they flood the brain with “distress” signals.

What is your brain to do? Protect itself…that’s what!

Your brain sends signals back to the muscles telling them to tighten up and “guard” the area for protection. You stand up and feel stiff, achy, or perhaps even start limping due to muscle spasms. Is the answer to pop a “muscle relaxer”? No, the answer is to get the irritation off the nerves.

How do you do that? A chiropractic adjustment! Next step, improve your sitting ergonomics to reduce the stress from the nerves in your back. Third step, stretch and strengthen the muscles in the area to provide more strength and support to the nerves, joints and discs.

Yoga, massage, exercise, and foam rolling are all wonderful things to do for your body and your health on a regular basis. But if you don’t remove the irritation from the nerves first, they are often very ineffective. Your brain listens to its nerves first and foremost, so take good care of them!

Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!

Dr. Jim

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