Month: <span>July 2017</span>

How Much Water do I Really Need to Drink?

It is hot…how much water do I really need to drink?

After a long, wet winter, we are having a hot summer. It is an easy time to get dehydrated, so I thought a brief discussion about water was in order.

First of all, you are supposed to drink 2/3 your weight in ounces of water per day, even when it is not hot and you are not exercising. If you want to lose weight, you should drink even more!

So a 100 pound person needs to drink 67 ounces of water per day. A 150 pound person needs 100 ounces, and a 200 pound person needs 134! Now if you are exercising, you need to add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of sweating. This is hard to do.

A good strategy is to have two cups of water before each meal. This will get you 48 ounces and fill your stomach before eating to help prevent you from overeating. Another strategy is to have two cups when you wake up and before going to bed. Another tip is to add fruit (limes, melon) or vegatables (cucumbers) to liven it up and give you some variety. Or try sparkling waters with carbonation to help with your “soda cravings” without all the sugar!

If you start getting in the habit, it will help your overall health and help maintain your weight.

Until next time, be happy, healthy, and smart!

Dr. Jim

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