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High Heels, yeah or na?

High Heels, yeah or na?

Okay ladies, I will admit it. High heels look great. Yes they make your legs more defined and shapely.  However, they also cause bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and lots of back pain! If you wear high heels, you can get inserts to reduce the stress to your feet and back if the heel is 2 inches or less. Those 4 inch stilettos?  Forget it. High heels bring your body weight forward onto your toes, moving your hips forward and your lower back into extension, which “jams” your lumbar joints together. Last time I checked, jamming joints together for hours at a time usually leads to serious problems!

Special occasion, nice dinner, go for it. All day at work? No way! Ladies, let me remind you, guys are easy! You can attract our attention in all kinds of ways that doesn’t do long term damage to your body!!!

Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!

Dr. Jim

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