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How to Find a Good Pillow

What to look for in a good pillow…

When you go to sleep, the purpose is to allow your body to recover, regenerate and rest. If you do not have proper support, your body has to “stay on” and guard or tighten up certain areas to support itself.

When selecting a pillow, you want something that supports your neck to allow it to be in a neutral position (head not too high or too low) and one that allows your neck and trap muscles to “turn off”. Reach up and feel your muscles when you are lying down. Are the muscles relaxed, or are they still tight? If they are still tight, you probably do not have the right pillow.

The pillow I recommend in my clinic is the “intellipillow”. It is a contoured pillow wrapped in gel. Gel offers a combination of cushion and support that is not only better than foam, but much longer lasting than foam.

If you are struggling with your pillow, come on in and lie on our bed in the back and try out the different pillows.

Normal price is $130, I will drop it to $110 for the month of June, because I want more of my patients on a great, high quality, supportive pillow.

Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!

Dr. Jim

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