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My pillow isn’t comfortable….what now?

My pillow isn’t comfortable…what now?
Everyone wants to plop into bed and say “ahh” after a long day, but what is best for your neck and upper back?
  1. Support. Your neck and head should be even with the rest of your spine, when sleeping on your side. It should not be tilting up or down. When lying on your back, you cervical spine should be supported while your head is allowed to drop back. We want to rest your neck muscles, not shove them up into our “looking down” position that we commonly do while awake.
  2. Comfort. The pillow should be soft and comfortable for your ear and head so that you can relax and get into a deep sleep.  Like most things in life, not too hard and not too soft.
  3. Durability. Foam is comfortable, but doesn’t last as long. Gel and buckwheat pillows last longer, but some people think the material is too hard for them.
  4. One size does not fit all. If you are 250 lbs and your child is 50 lbs, the thickness of your pillows should not be the same. How broad your shoulders are and what position you sleep in must be taken into account. Make sure your pillow is the proper thickness.
We have different sizes and different types of pillows here at the office. If you want to lie on them and give them a quick try, feel free to stop by the office.
Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!
Dr. Jim
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