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Orthotics…how do they work?

You have 26 bones in each foot.  With each step you take, each bone moves along your particular “gait pattern”.  But as we age, and/or especially after injuries, these bones and joints start to move too much.  Since you put all your body weight on your feet, the fascia and ligaments get “stretched out” over time.  But again, since you put all your weight on your feet, these ligaments and fascia don’t suddenly tighten back up, even with exercise.
So instead, you need to put support under your arches to help your feet and reduce the stress that your activities will place on your feet, knees and back.
Orthotics should address and support all 3 arches of your foot.  Orthotics should be flexible.  They should allow some motion (normal) but restrict excessive motion.  If your orthotics are too hard or rigid, it stops healthy motion….kind of like when your back is stuck (not good!).
So stop thinking of orthotics as a drag.  Think of them as a way to give your body prolonged longevity, like a good supportive mattress or pillow.  The industry has come a long way to address your fashion concerns as well.  They make them to go in heels, boots, flip flops, dress shoes, and most importantly, athletic shoes.
We offer complementary infrared laser foot scans at the office if you would like to check on whether orthotics would be good for you!
Until next time, be healthy, happy and smart!
Dr. Jim
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